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These terms and conditions shall apply to ensure the peaceful and secure stay of all our guests and persons living in the vicinity of Apartamenty Lublin.


The following terms used in the Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning according to the below definitions:

Provider – refers to the sole proprietorship Apartmenty Lublin Anna Krzepisz  based in ul. Połabian 11, 20-829 Lublin, NIP 7122447119,

Guest -refers to  any natural person who uses services delivered by the Provider,

Apartamenty Lublin  - premises or rooms offered for rent by the Provider.



1. The terms and conditions define the rules of providing services, guests’ responsibilities and their stay at the premises of Apartamenty Lublin, and is an integral part of the Agreement which is signed at the very moment of the Agreement conclusion while booking or making a prepayment or full payment for the stay in Apartamenty Lublin. By booking and making the payment, the Guest confirms that he or she has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions.

2. The Terms and Conditions  shall apply to all Guests staying at the premises of Apartamenty Lublin as well as the common parts of the building  in which they are staying. The Terms and Conditions are available in every suite, as well as on the website of Apartamenty Lublin at




1. Apartamenty Lublin are rented on a per-night basis.

2. The hotel day starts at 4 p.m. and finishes at 11 a.m. the next day.

3. Check-in time is from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

4. Bookings at Apartamenty Lublin are valid until 10 p.m. of the day of the arrival.

5. A request to extend the stay beyond the period indicated in the booking  shall be made by phone by 10 a.m. on the day on which the rental of the room ends.

6. Apartamenty Lublin shall take into consideration the wish to prolong the stay according to where possible, subject to availability of suites.



1. The guests of Apartamenty Lublin shall check in, including sign a check-in card on the basis of their identity card or passport, whereby the Provider reserves the possibility of the verification of the content entered into the check-in card against the identity card or any other document confirming their identity.                                                                                                                              2.The Guests of Apartamenty Lublin shall  provide their telephone number on the check-in card.                                                                                                                3. Persons who have not checked in may stay in suites from 7.00 to 10 p.m.  after previously notifying their stay by a text message to the phone number or e-mail  provided in the contact data of the website at

4. Hotel Guests must not hand over the room to any third parties, even during their stay in the Hotel for which they have paid.

5. Where the Guest has not not cancelled his or her booking,  or has not managed to check in at Apartamenty Lublin  within the planned time frame, the payment shall not be reimbursed.

6. The Provider reserves the right to collect, at check-in, the preauthorisation of the credit card or to claim a cash deposit amounting to the total payment for the stay.

7. In the case of a multiple-bed room, the remaining places may be rented at the request of, and subject to approval from, the Guest renting the room.

8. Children aged up to 2 may sleep in their parents’ room free-of-charge.

9. Should the Guest cancel his or her stay during his or her hotel night, the Provider shall not reimburse the payment for the cancelled night.

10. Animals are accepted  subject to the Provider’s approval. Only small pets shall be accepted. The provider reserves the right to refuse accepting animals. Additional charges may apply.




1. Apartamenty Lublin shall provide their Guests, free-of-charge, with:

·       Wi-Fi

·       Alarm

·       Access to Netflix

·       Technically efficient service - should there be any failures which cannot be resolved, the Provider shall endeavour to deal with them  as far as possible  by changing the room or in any other way to reduce inconvenience;

2. At the Guests’ request Apartamenty Lublin may  provide additional free-of-charge services:

·       A bed for infants after prior notification while booking the room



1. Children under the age of 18  shall remain at the premises of Apartamenty Lublin under constant supervision of their legal guardian. Legal guardians are fully responsible for the children’s safety  as well as financially for any damage arising from their children’s actions. The Guest accepts financial liability for any damaged or destroyed equipment or technical devices within Apartamenty Lublin which are the result of their of their guests’ actions.

3. Each time the Guest leaves his or her room, he or she shall check whether the doors are closed and whether the alarm is activated.

4. The behaviour of the Guests and the people who use the services at Apartamenty Lublin should not  disturb the peaceful stay of other guests nor the residents of the building where they are staying. The Provider can refuse to continue delivering services to Guests who violate this rule.

5. Within the premises of Apartamenty Lublin Facilities there is a total ban on events or noisy behaviour which would disrupt other guests’ quiet stay. Should the regulations specified in this point be violated by any of the Guests, such Guests will be asked to leave the premises.

6. The Provider may refuse to accept any guest who, during his or her previous stay, seriously infringed the Apartamenty Lublin regulations, causing material damages to the Apartamenty Lublin or the Guests or otherwise disturbed the operations of Apartamenty Lublin.

8. Smoking is not allowed.  Guests who violate this rule shall be charged an additional fine for washing curtains, upholstery, bedclothes, etc., which is equal to a hotel night’s rate.




1. The provider is responsible for the loss of or damage to the items brought in by the Guest as defined by Article 846-849 of the Civil Code. 

2. The Provider is not responsible in the case of loss or damage to valuables, money, securities  and items of scholarly or artistic value, due to the lack of appropriate security measures in Apartamenty Lublin.




1. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 am the following morning.





1. Personal objects left  by the Guest in  Apartamenty Lublin  shall be sent at his or her cost at the address indicated by him or her, at the Guest’s request.




1. Guests are entitled to file a complaint in the event the services provided are not of sufficient quality, via contact data provided at



1. Dangerous goods such as  arms and ammunition, flammable , illuminative materials and  explosives shall not be stored in Apartamenty Lublin.

2. The Guest gives their consent to their personal data being stored and used in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2002 no 101, item 926 as amended) by Apartamenty Lublin Anna Krzepisz, ul. Połabian 11, 20-829 Lublin for the purposes necessary to meet the requirements  of the Guest’s stay in Apartamenty Lublin Facilities, using other services delivered to the guests by the Provider. The Guest  has the right to access his or her personal data or to have them rectified.

3. Any form of  doorstep or door-to-door selling is prohibited at Apartamenty Lublin.

4. Excessive noisemaking, causing unpleasant odours, or causing disruptive, harmful or irritating situations on the premises of Apartamenty Lublin is forbidden, as this may have an impact on other suite guests.

5. Guests may not make any modifications to Apartamenty Lublin suites  nor their equipment.




Apartamenty Lublin takes the utmost care to ensure that the Guests’ personal data be processed maintaining the highest available safety standards in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (OJL EU L 119 of 04.05.2016) (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

1) the controller of your personal data is Apartamenty Lublin Anna Krzepisz, ul. Połabian 11 ,20-829 Lublin NIP:7122447119

2) the aim of processing is:

a) handling of enquiries – under Article 6 (1)(a)  GDPR – consent of the data subject;

b) suite booking – under Article 6(1)(a) GDPR – consent of the data subject;

c) service delivery - Article 6(1)(b) GDPR;

d) marketing of personal data controller services - under Article 6(1)(a) GDPR – subject to the consent of the data subject;

4) the recipients of personal data can be:

a) external accountancy offices;

b) the booking platform provider; 

c) marketing services companies;

d) provider of the application used to send out commercial information;

e) entities entitled to obtain personal data under applicable legal regulations,

5) you are entitled by the controller to access your personal data, have them rectified, to data portability – as applicable for the purposes of the legitimate interest pursued by the controller or the completion of the service Agreement, to the extent to which the consent has been given – you also have the right to  have your data removed or restrict their processing, the right to object against the processing, and the right to withdraw your consent at any time; 

6) you are also entitled to file a complaint  to a supervisory authority;